Conference Program

As of February 1, 2019
(It is subject to change.)
Presidential Lecture
David Attwell, Ph.D.
David Attwell, Ph.D.,
(University College London, UK)
The role of capillary pericytes in regulating cerebral blood flow in health,
ischaemia and Alzheimer's disease
Plenary Lecture
Yimin Zou, Ph.D.
Yimin Zou, Ph.D.,
(University of California, San Diego, USA)
Repair of axons and circuits after spinal cord injury
Mapping Neuronal and Synaptic Changes using Specific PET Probes:
Animal and Clinical Applications (organized by Jean-Claude Baron)
1 Hideo Tsukada PET studies using mitochondrial complex-1 tracers in brain damage
2 Christine DeLorenzo Mapping the Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor-5 (MgluR5) using PET
3 Jean-Claude Baron Mapping selective neuronal damage after ischemic stroke and relationships with microglial activation
4 Takuya Toyonaga Imaging synaptic density in the living brain
Hot Techniques in Neuroimaging of Cerebrovascular Disease
(organized by Tracy D. Farr and Susanne Wegener)
1 Kazuto Masamoto Cellular imaging of the neurovascular unit
2 Mohamad El Amki Laser speckle and 2photon imaging in the thrombin stroke model
3 Tracy Farr Structural mouse brain connectome imaging in vascular dementia
4 Rick Dijkhuizen Structural and functional connectivity imaging in the rodent brain
5 Lisa Herzog Deep Learning for stroke data analysis
A Window into the Brain: Innovative Approaches for Estimating Brain Metabolism in Animals and Humans (organized by Stephane Marinesco)
1 Luc Pellerin Seeing is believing: visualizing brain glucose utilization with deoxyglucose: from in vitro to in vivo
2 L. Felipe Barros Brain cell energy metabolism visualized with genetically-encoded fluorescent probes
3 Anne-Karine Bouzier-Sore Following brain metabolism changes in vivo using NMR spectroscopy and MRI during brain activation: importance of lactate
4 Clélia Allioux Dysfunctions in brain metabolism after traumatic brain injury evidenced by microelectrode biosensors
Immune-Neurovascular Interactions in the Injured Developing Brain
(organized by Zena Vexler)
1 Tomoaki Ikeda Neuronal rescue and protection by modulating immune system and blood-brain barrier in immature brain
2 Carina Mallard Neonatal infection and TLR-type dependent effects on hypoxia-ischemia (H-I) and blood-brain barrier (BBB)
3 Zena Vexler Brain maturation dependent patterns of neuroinflammation and vascular leakage in stroke
4 Andre Obenaus Vascular modifications following injury in the developing brain
The Role of the Microbiome in Acute and Chronic Brain Disease
(organized by Farida Sohrabji)
1 Halina Offner Estrogen protection against EAE modulates the microbiota and mucosal-associated regulatory cells
2 Sylvia Daunert Microbiota alterations and intestinal inflammation post-spinal cord injury in rat model
3 Corinne Benakis Microbiota-immune cell interaction: Critical role of gut metabolites in neuroinflammation
4 Farida Sohrabji Reproductive senescence and brain injury remodel the gut microbiome and modulate the effects of estrogen treatment in female rats
Interrogation of Pericyte Function in CNS Physiology and Pathophysiology
(organized by Thomas Davis, Eng Lo, and Andy Shih)
  Thomas P Davis Introduction
1 Louis-Philippe Bernier A role for pericytes in cerebrovascular regeneration after stroke
2 Robert Hill Interrogating mural cell identity and function in vivo
3 Kassandra Kisler Pericyte-deficiency in cerebral blood flow regulation
4 Anusha Mishra Pericytes regulate cerebral microvascular blood flow in health and disease
5 Yao Yao Pericyte-derived laminins differentially regulate blood-brain barrier integrity
Blood-Brain Barrier Repair in CNS Disease: New Mechanistic Insights, Novel Therapeutic Strategies (organized by Bjoern Bauer)
1 Bjoern Bauer The holey holy barrier: blood-brain barrier dysfunction in epilepsy, TBI, stroke, and Alzheimer's disease
2 Aric Logsdon Nitric oxide synthase is a potential target for treating the neurological sequelae of repetitive blast injury
3 Masakiyo Sasahara Two PDGF receptors in CNS differentially regulate BBB function in stroke and glioma
4 Akihiko Urayama Restoring cerebral perivascular environment to attenuate amyloid deposition in Alzheimer’s disease and cerebral amyloid angiopathy
Brain and Immunity in Health and Disease (organized by Zsuzsanna Fabry)
  Zsuzsanna Fabry Introduction
1 Etty (Tika) Benveniste Immunity and neurodegeneration
2 Costantino Iadecola Gut and brain axis (Microbiome, stroke immunity)
3 Michal Schwartz Immune effects on neuronal function
4 David Brown TBA
Latest Aspects of Immunology in Stroke (organized by Hiroyuki Kinouchi)
1 Jun Chen Microglial/macrophage responses after stroke
2 Mathias Gelderblom IL23 producing conventional dendritic cells control the detrimental IL17 response in stroke
3 Takashi Shichita Damage associated molecular patterns in ischemic stroke
4 Arthur Liesz Neuroinflammation during the chronic recovery phase after stroke
Special Session to Honor Dick Traystman "Honoring Richard Traystman:
Advances in Investigation of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism" (organized by Eng Lo)
1 Peter Herscovitch Advances in Neuroimaging
2 Bojana Stefanovic Advances in CBFM Regulation
3 Johannes Boltze Advances in Neuroprotection
4 Koji Abe Advances in CNS-Peripheral Crosstalk
Digital Metabolic Map of the Human Brain from BigBrain Stereological Cellular Atlas (organized by Yuguo Yu)
1 Alan Evans BigBrain: Future directions in cytoarchitectural mapping
2 Peter Herman State-dependent variations of glucose metabolism in the human brain
3 Yuguo Yu Human brain energy map of signaling and non-signaling processes computed on the basis of cellular staining
Brain Metabolism and Aging: Opportunities and Controversies
(organized by Manu S. Goyal)
1 Yasuomi Ouchi In vivo imaging of mitochondrial and glycolytic activities in aging and dementia
2 Jin-Moo Lee Classic blood flow and oxygen metabolic characterization of human cerebral small vessel disease
3 Shannon L. Macauley Alzheimer's disease and diabetes: the metabolic interplay of two disparate diseases
4 Manu S. Goyal A machine learning perspective on metabolic brain aging
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