Conference Program

As of December 20, 2018
(It is subject to change.)
Presidential Lecture
David Attwell, Ph.D.
David Attwell, Ph.D.,
(University College London, UK)
The role of capillary pericytes in regulating cerebral blood flow in health,
ischaemia and Alzheimer's disease
Plenary Lecture
Yimin Zou, Ph.D.
Yimin Zou, Ph.D.,
(University of California, San Diego, USA)
Repair of axons and circuits after spinal cord injury
Mapping Neuronal and Synaptic Changes using Specific PET Probes:
Animal and Clinical Applications
confirmed speakers:
Jean-Claude Baron
Christine DeLorenzo
Takuya Toyonaga
Hideo Tsukada
Hot Techniques in Neuroimaging of Cerebrovascular Disease
confirmed speakers:
Rick Dijkhuizen
Mohamad El Amki
Tracy Farr
Lisa Herzog
Kazuto Masamoto
A Window into the Brain: Innovative Approaches for Estimating Brain Metabolism in Animals and Humans
confirmed speakers:
Clelia Allioux
Felipe Barros
Anne-Karine Bouzier Sore
Luc Pellerin
Immune-Neurovascular Interactions in the Injured Developing Brain
confirmed speakers:
Tomoaki Ikeda
Carina Mallard
Andre Obenaus
Zena Vexler
The Role of the Microbiome in Acute and Chronic Brain Disease
confirmed speakers:
Corinne Benakis
Sylvia Daunert
Halina Offner
Farida Sohrabji
Pericyte Mechanisms and In Vivo Imaging
confirmed speakers:
Louis-Philippe Bernier
Robert Hil
Kassandra Kisler
Anusha Mishra
Yao Yao
Blood-Brain Barrier Repair in CNS Disease:
New Mechanistic Insights, Novel Therapeutic Strategies
confirmed speakers:
Bjoern Bauer
Aric Logsdon
Masakiyo Sasahara
Brain and Immunity in Health and Disease
confirmed speakers:
Etty (Tika) Benveniste
Costantino Iadecola
Michal Schwartz
Benjamin Segal
Latest Aspects of Immunology in Stroke
confirmed speakers:
Jun Chen
Mathias Gelderblom
Takashi Shichita
Arthur Liesz
Special Session to Honor Dick Traystman
confirmed speakers:
Peter Herscovitch
Bojana Stefanovic
Johannes Boltze
Koji Abe
Digital Metabolic Map of the Human Brain from BigBrain Stereological Cellular Atlas
confirmed speakers:
Yuguo Yu
Brain Metabolism and Aging: Opportunities and Controversies
confirmed speakers:
Manu Goyal
Shannon Macauley-Rambach
Yasuomi Ouchi
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