Information for Chairs & Speakers of Oral Sessions

For Chairs

  • • Please take your seat in the "next chair seat" at least 10 minutes before the beginning of your session and kindly adhere to the time allotted for the session and each presentation.
  • • During the Q&A period, please ask people with questions and/or comments to come forward and wait in front of
    the microphone, in advance.

For Speakers

  • Please visit the Speakers' Preview Desk at least 45 minutes prior to your presentation, in order to preview and submit
    your presentation with sufficient time.
  • • Screen ratio is 16 : 9 (Widescreen) in all session rooms.
  • • Presentation files created with Microsoft Power Point (single screen only) are only available.
  • • If your presentation file was created using Macintosh, please use your own laptop with a VGA connector or a HDMI connector.
  • • If you intend to use your own laptop, please bring the power adapter.
  • • Please turn off energy-saving functions, such as power setting and screen saver (as well as hot corners in Macintosh).
  • • Please note that presenter view function cannot be used and avoid using the "Presentation Tools" function in PowerPoint (or Keynote in Macintosh), for the purpose of keeping the program running smoothly.
  • Take your seat in the "speaker's standby seat" during the presentation directly before yours.
  • Keep your presentation within the time limit that has been suggested to the speakers.
Connecting a laptop using a VGA cable
Connecting a laptop using a VGA cable
Connecting a laptop using a HDMI cable
Connecting a laptop using a HDMI cable

Important notes for presentation data:

  • • Save your presentation on USB memory or on CD-R. Do not use CD-RW.
  • • Presentation files in Windows PowerPoint 2010, 2013 or 2016 are acceptable.
  • • Use common font such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana etc. (special fonts might be changed to a default font on a PowerPoint based PC.)
  • • The name of your presentation file should be "your presentation code + your name."
    (e.g.: BS01-1 John Smith, BPS02-1 John Smith).
  • • There is no limit on the size of your presentation file. However, if the size of your presentation file exceeds 500MB,
    we recommend to use your own PC.
  • • You can use audio or video in your presentation. If you use video which is encoded with a specific codec in your presentation, we recommend you bring your own PC. We also recommend any video data to be in WMV or MP4 format which can be played on Windows Media Player 12.
  • • All data files should be in one folder, including any reference files such as video files.

Speakers' Preview Desk:

  • • Please register your presentation data at the Speakers’ Preview Desk listed below.
  • • Location: 5th Floor Foyer, Conference Center
Opening hours
Thursday, July 4th 8:00-16:30
Friday, July 5th 7:00-18:00
Saturday, July 6th 7:00-17:30
Sunday, July 7th 7:30-16:00

Duration for each oral presentation

Presidential Lecture 60 minutes (including Q & A)
Plenary Lecture 60 minutes (including Q & A)
Symposia As announced by the session organizer
Educational Courses As announced by the session organizer
Niels Lassen Award Session 15 minutes (10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for Q & A)
Oral presentation 15 minutes (including Q & A)